Man and animals

Formerly the man lived in the same village as the big beasts, the elephant, the lion, the leopard, the monkey and he was not the master. These four animals went hunting in the bush daily and brought in food for all, but the man, whenever he went hunting, brought nothing or nothing. One day the animals met and said to the man, “You never catch anything while we kill animals, and if you keep on reporting nothing, you will not eat with us anymore.
“Good,” said the man, and the next day he went hunting with his bow and arrows, hitherto carefully hidden for fear that if they did not see these weapons, the animals would kill him. “When the animals saw this, they were surprised and asked him how he had killed the doe.” I have my way, said the man, but I will not tell you. The animals addressed the monkey: “Follow him in the bush when he leaves tomorrow and see how he’s doing to kill the hinds. Then you will tell us. “So was done.” The man drew an arrow from his quiver and adjusted it to his bow, and the monkey climbed into a tree to observe better, and when the man tied the bow and threw the arrow, the doe was killed. The monkey immediately descended from his tree and ran back to the village. “This man is really formidable,” he said to the animals. When he reaches out to someone, someone falls dead! “The man brought the doe on his back, but when he raised his arm to grab it and throw it on the ground, all the animals thought he wanted to reach out to kill them and fled. Here the big animals did not leave the bush and the man now commands the village.

Alexandre Koffi

Entrepreneur, space enthusiast, dreamer, cosmic messenger.

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