Sira and the sorcerer

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl in the West African savannah. Her name was Sira. Sira was beautiful like dawn. She had white teeth, it looks like cotton in the sun. Sira had a straight neck, a clear chest. The pearls she wore around her waist sang and praised her beauty and charm. In short, Sira was all that could evoke in a man the desire to possess her, to marry her, to keep her jealousy at the bottom of her hut.

When Sira was a child, she had a friend named Bani. Bani and Sira had grown up together and were very close. the village called them husband and wife had woven a certain connivance between the two families. They were assisting each other for good and bad causes.

The two children had loved each other and when they grew up everyone in the village understood the meaning of their love decided to marry them. the nuncios were celebrated with the blessing of all the parents and in the liver of the friends. But, there was only one person who could not contain his jealousy vis-à-vis this young and beautiful couple. This is the sorcerer Tura. Tura was very strong in the occult art. His companion was Satan himself. The presence of this companion of misfortune was manifested by the following facts: Tura was always flown over by the vulture to the white crown. He always had red eyes and never slept during the day.

When the wedding was celebrated, Tura went into action. Sira had the night of the marriage terrible terrible headaches. The second night, the headaches persisted as well as the third and fourth nights. On the fifth night, to the virulent headaches were added the stomach pains that Sira felt even in the back and in her hips. She was sweating, screaming, crying, suffering. Sira sent for her mother to whom she spoke:

– Mother, can you help me find a cure for my troubles?

– my daughter, I am going to gather all the marabouts and sorcerers of our country. If I have to save all my savings, I will do it for you, my only darling child.

– Mom, my husband’s family is starting to lose patience, please save my love and my marriage.

– I will do it, my child, and if necessary, I will sacrifice my person to lift this misfortune which strikes you.

Sira’s mother then gathered all the marabouts and sacrificed almost all of her cattle herd. The operation was not successful. She repeated four times. Nothing. Sira called her again. His pain persisted. She had become very thin and had lost all her charm because of the disease. Her beautiful sisters had begun against her a vast campaign of denunciation. “What is this cattail that is still lying on a deathbed?”

A week later, the groom’s family sent the griot charging him to have the marriage of Sira and Bani lifted. The marriage was not consumed, the family of Sira was held to repay the essential expenses provided for this purpose. Sira was carried away the same night, like a baby astride, in the mother’s hut. They were crying all night together. Sira swore to marry the man who will cure her of her ills. His mother said to him:

“My daughter, I have spent all my fortune for your happiness. I swear on my ancestors that you will marry the man you love.

The news of the divorce announced, Tura the wizard appeared very early in the morning in front of the house of Sira’s mother. One felt his presence because of his stench and theft of vultures. He reassured the mother and the daughter of his good intentions of marriage and Sira’s search for happiness. The mother says to him:

– My daughter is sick, destroyed and she can not even stand up.

– It’s not a problem, said the wizard, I rule in three days or I leave this village and you will never hear about me again.

Sira who heard all this dialogue at the bottom of the box had already made his decisions

mother, I will marry this man if he heals me.

The mother who did not agree with the choice of the other accepted but did not give up. As soon as the sorcerer started the treatment, the mother ran to see her brother and said:

– My only baby must marry this villainous man. Please do something.

“My sister,” said the uncle, “the will of the ancestors is done. Never has our family harmed anyone, let it be known to us.

Sira was healed by the wizard Tura who announced her marriage with many advertisements. He made fun of all those soothsayers and other hunters whose efforts of conquest were vain.

The wedding day arrived. no vulture was seen in the sky, and there was a great tornado which drove the guests away. The sorcerer angrily wandered back to the bottom of his hut and slept when he woke up, the sun was at its zenith. He leapt from his hut, no vulture. Sira was there, seated surrounded by some old women who survived through numerous wedding, baptism and funeral ceremonies. As night falls, Tura rushes to the bottom of the hut to consummate her marriage. Sira was prepared for the wizard. When the young wife was laid in bed, he rushed, undressed and wanted to consume it right away. But he found on the spot that he had nothing between his legs. He was surprised, reactivated the fire that lit up the hut. This is how Sira realized that her husband had nothing between his legs. She tried to reassure him but he did not want to know anything. He called her a witch and swore revenge. On the spot, he repudiated her and left the village in the same night.

Sira and healed again married Bani and they had beautiful children.

Alexandre Koffi

Entrepreneur, space enthusiast, dreamer, cosmic messenger.

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