Sacred Lake of Karnak

During my visit to the Karnak Temple complex near Luxor (nearly 3 kilometers from Luxor) in Egypt, I discovered a sacred lake inside the complex.

In ancient Egyptian culture, the sacred lake, which often accompanies a temple, is the seat of many religious beliefs.

The water of this lake would come directly from Noun, the Ocean of the origins, which surrounds the Earth. It is the seat of the mysteries linked to Osiris as well as one of the elements of the Egyptian cosmogony which intervenes both in purification rituals and in numerous offerings.

The last state of the sacred lake of Karnak was attributed to Thutmose III. A nilometer built in the northwest corner of the lake was used to measure the height of the flood.

On the sides of the lake, were built dwellings for the priests, and an aviary for the sacred birds. In their present state, they date from the XXIXth dynasty.

At the edge of the lake, Amenhotep III had a monumental scarab carved in the round on a pedestal. It is the incarnation of the god Atum-Khepri, the creative Principle which manifests itself in the rising sun while emerging from darkness. It is the symbol of metamorphoses.

The lake was used for bathing by the priests of the temple of Amun Ra and the pharaoh kings as a religious ritual to worship ancient Egyptian gods before performing religious ceremonies.

The water level in the lake has not yet dried up or changed after more than 3,000 years.

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